Susan Wojtas

Larry entered my life in 1981, when he and Allan were setting out on their adventure known as Paradigm. His friendship has been a touchstone in my life ever since.

Larry most loved his family. He often told me how lucky he was to have Al and Sarah as parents and Renee as his sister. The life he shared with Carolyn and Will was the gift of love for which he was most grateful. You all are in my thoughts and prayers.

Larry’s capacity for love was boundless. His love of family, extended family, friends, work, music, sports, politics and humanity manifested itself in countless acts of kindness, wisdom, generosity and fun. I was witness to and the recipient of his generous spirit, which he always humbly downplayed. Conversely, he never forgot the smallest kindness paid to him. We had recently acknowledged how lucky we were to have shared so many years of love filled friendship, never imagining that his life would be so abruptly cut short.

I hadn’t been able to post this earlier, not willing to accept I will never again hear Larry’s voice or laughter, or share one of his bear hugs. I comfort myself with the knowledge Larry lives on inside of all of us who were blessed to be part of his life. I will be forever grateful for the gift of his friendship.