ML Ganley

I first met Larry about 20 years ago when I was working for Senator Kennedy. I was living in Washington, DC but had hoodwinked the campaign into promoting me to Deputy Finance Director so I could come back home to Boston every weekend and staff fundraisers for the Senator here. Larry was one of the first people I met in the Senator’s orbit. Larry, I would come to know, had his own universe and fan club. But I’ll never forget how wonderful he was to me in that moment – a young kid just getting my start in fundraising – he took the time to walk me through who would be at the event, who these high profile names would be in attendance and of course that he would exceed his fundraising goal – which he did. 😉
In the years that followed Larry was just a true friend in the best sense of the word. I think as young politicos we all felt ourselves lucky that Larry would take a meeting with us or return our call, but the thing was that is exactly who he was. There was no pretense – he always wanted to help. I called him for advice on so much – whether or not I had the right strategy as the Finance Director for the Democratic Convention in Boston, to whether one of his clients was a good fit to meet with one of my candidates. He was always there for me and I felt so fortunate to have his advice and counsel.
In 2007 he called me to tell me that I was going to come work with him on the Biden campaign for President. I was of course thrilled and knew he wasn’t asking but telling me – this will be great and he’s got a real shot. I knew of his deep roots with the then-Senator Biden. So everyday we’d make calls and he had the best pitch – personal – but direct and to the point. I learned so much from him during that time. When we came out of Iowa with not the greatest results he still hit the phones relentlessly. “If lightning strikes,” he would say – “our guy will be Vice President.”
The rest is history.
I got the call again from Larry last Fall – let’s do this. Of course I was excited to work with Larry again. He was more energized than I had remembered – fired up and ready to go. Calling a million people, raising money and traveling all over with the laser focus of getting Joe Biden elected to the Presidency. And people of course just connected with him. I’ve talked to so many people who had met him for the first time who just saw what a special person he was.
The thought of continuing this work without him is something I’m still having a hard time coming to terms with. I know we need continue and make him proud – he wouldn’t want us to miss a beat.
The best thing we can do is keep moving forward. And, most importantly, to make sure we help that young kid looking to get their start. Take the time to pay it forward.
That’s what Larry would want us to do.
So much love to Carolyn and Will. We are all in your corner and sending you prayers and hugs!