Bert Holman

Larry & I grew up in Teaneck at the same time, albeit attending different grammar and Jr. High schools. We met in 7th grade when he and a close friend shared a Bar Mitzvah. We next reconnected in high school, but I went to a private school while he was at Teaneck High. We reconnected through mutual friends and became casual friends doing things together in small groups. Time moved on and we followed our paths as they diverged.

Moving to Boston in 1987 for work, I kept seeing his name mentioned in the Boston Globe. Turns out we again shared friends in common, and one of them a Red Sox exec, confirmed he was Larry from North Jersey, could be Teaneck. We subsequently reconnected.

We saw each other briefly at the Teaneck 50 year reunion. We agreed at that event to not spend more then a moment together, as we had plenty of time to see each other in Boston.

I last saw Larry on March 10 at Madison Square Garden at the “Brothers” show. He was standing in the second row, I came over, we hugged as he said, “This is the best day of my life, I am winning 3 primaries and witnessing 4 hours of incredible Brothers music”. We agreed to speak in a week. Larry had a lot of best days in his life. Then the world went crazy and Larry left us.

It was a difficult message I sent to two of his oldest childhood friends, the two Mikes, Kozim & Cook. They were the conduit between Larry & I knowing each other. They thanked me for being the one to let them know the shocking news. The Teaneck ’69 class site has some nice memories from those he went to high school with.

Nothing will plug the hole of sadness in my heat for your loss. It will just shrink over time, but never seal.

Larry was a great guy and always a friend, even if we had lost contact for 45 years.

Bert Holman