Michael Cook

Larry , Mike Koizim and I lived in the Cedar Lane apartments. Larry and Mike were born in February I was born in June. Twenty years ago when my mom passed away (she still lived in the same apartment) I found cards congratulating my parents on my birth. One of the cards was from Sarah, Al, and Larry. I guess I knew Larry even before I realized I knew him. As Mike mentioned in his remembrance we played a lot sports and hung out at the Teaneck Jewish Center. We went through elementary school, junior high school, Teaneck High, and Hebrew school together. We went our separate ways for college but still remained good friends. I visited Larry at GW a few times and he came to Ohio to visit me. After graduating I went back to Teaneck and Larry was working for his dad after he left GW. We went to a lot of concerts especially the Grateful Dead. We saw them at Madison Square Garden, Jersey City, Hartford, and the Watkins Glen concert that included the Allman Bros and the Band. When Larry decided to go to Emerson and move to Boston I almost moved with him. I was finishing up grad school didn’t have car, a job, or a lot money so I passed. After his move we remained in touch but as time went by it was less frequent. Larry, Sarah, and Al were at my wedding in 1983. In the 90’s when my wife Linda took a job that required travel to Boston she would often meet Carolyn and Larry for dinner. Larry invited us the Boston Garden closing ceremonies we had prime seats right near where Havlicek stole the pass and front row seats for the opening of the new arena. Of course we were also at the after party with all of Boston’s political and corporate leaders. We eventually moved to Southern California and our communications became more sparse. When McCourt purchased the Dodgers Larry invited us to opening day. We met him, Carolyn, and Will sat right behind home plate and had food and drinks on field after the game chatting with ex Dodgers. It was a blast and I’m not a Dodger fan. The last 10 years I only saw Larry a few times. We celebrated our 60th in Florida with Mike Koizim and other friends from grade school. We were in Boston for a wedding 5 years ago and met Larry and Carolyn for dinner at the 4 Seasons and the next night went over their house. Larry wanted to show me his Washington Senators baseball collection. The last time I saw Larry was 6 months ago at our 50th high school reunion. I told him I was planning to retire and do a x-country trip. We would be Boston in the summer and go to Fenway. My last conversation with Larry was a text. I wished him Happy Birthday and he told me best of luck in retirement you deserve it. My love to all the Rasky’s.