Tom Gardella

“I have tickets for Friday and one of them has your name on it”. Those were pretty sweet words I heard from Larry sometime back before the first Boston D&C. concert, July 16th, 2016. What a great time that was! From the pre-concert meal that Larry hosted at Eastern Standard in Kenmore Square for the friends, family and colleagues that he made sure would not miss out, the parading in under a warm summer evening sky with Larry, Will and the bunch into the park, along the green monster as the first notes of the Jack Straw opener flowed over us and we made our way to our seats, which were about as up front as I had ever been, to the finale that closed out yet another epic concert, of which Larry had certainly seen a few. He knew the importance of celebration. It was always special at family gatherings to talk with Larry about such events, the band we both loved, and all sorts of other cool things, like baseball cards and the old J.J. Teaparty shop on Bromfield St., and even the MGH, that he knew so much about and which made him so endearing. I sure was looking forward to more of that, and was just shocked and deeply saddened to hear the news. So, in the spirit of the token rhyme, I wrote a few lines here in his memory and honor…

Oh Larry, oh Larry
Quite a story to be told.
Well, I for one, can’t be so bold.
But there is one small slice
of your pretty grand life
of which I with so many
got to savor a bite.

We all here know the score,
about music and culture,
how you simply adored.
And supported so strongly in so many ways.
And shared with so many,
It will last us for days.

But Larry, Larry
now where have YOU gone?
Beg, on what nine-mile ride
Have you now journeyed on?
Hot as a pistol, I know, indeed!
and cool inside? Well, that’s easy to see.
But, Oh Larry, Larry
You left us to soon.
Don’t you want to hear
one more “Standing on the Moon”?

Cripes, with so many shows,
Still on the list.
Fenway this summer?
Damn, you’ll be missed.

Oh, there’ll be singing and dancing,
just as you’d desire.
And maybe John Mayer will
rip a hot Scarlet-Fire.

But, take heed, take heed,
Just as sure as the wind
There’ll be tears too a flowin’
Before the second set begins.

Well, OK, Larry, my brother
I’ll bid you good night,
With a Grateful goodbye,
and my throat a little tight.
But most of all,
with love, always to shine
And a big ol’ thank you
for a real good time.