michael Koizim

Larry and I grew up in the same apartment complex on Cedar Lane in Teaneck, and from the time we were 2 years old, running around in diapers, we became best friends. Along with another friend, Mike Cook, who also grew up in the same complex, we became the 3 Musketeers. Thinking back, I probably spent more time in Larrys apartment then my own. Sarah and Al became surrogate parents, and Rene was like my little sister.As we continued to get older, it was all about sports. The Teaneck Jewish Center was across the street from us, and became a second home.Whatever the season, that’s what sport we”d play. We even won a bunch of state championships playing basketball against other Jewish Centers throughout the state.The years went by quick, and high school was soon upon us.I won’t even get into some of the crazy parties at the Minell Place house in Teaneck when Sarah and Al were away.Of course Larry”s fondness for the Grateful Dead started around this time, and we went to a bunch of their concerts together. Those were experiences all to themselves.College followed suit, and Larry went to GW in DC, and I was down in Delaware.I remember playing in marathon card games in his dorm that would literally last from Friday to Sunday afternoon.There was an amazing cast of characters who played in these games, and Larry and I would reminisce about it in later years. One such player was Maximillan Goepp the third. He was the head of the economics dept on campus.Like clockwork, he would show up at 11 pm every Friday nite, in a tuxedo, and sit down, and within less then an hour lose $200. So every Friday Larry and I would look at our watches and say to each other, sure hope Max shows up.After college, Larry found his way to Boston, and I stayed in NJ.We tried to stay in touch as much as possible, but sometimes in life, you get busy with family and work, and the years pass by. I do know one thing though and that is if I ever needed anything that Larry would be there in a heart beat for me, and vice versa. I will miss my friend, and know that he is up there watching over Carolyn, Will, Rene, Roy, Sarah, Al and all his friends and family, because that’s Larry.