Roger Lau

Anyone who was fortunate enough to know Larry, work with him, or were lucky enough to call him a friend don’t need me to tell you this, but he was a legendary operative, the consummate professional, an inspiring mentor, and just one of the best humans I’ve known. He was always there for me and was more kind and generous than he ever needed to be. I called Larry when my father went through some tough times and my family wasn’t sure we could afford to help my youngest brother, who is 15 years younger than me, stay at Emerson College. As many of you know, Larry was an alumni at Emerson and was active at the college throughout his life. I told him about our problem and before I even asked for help, he said in his trademark calm but reassuring way,

“Don’t worry about this, Roger. We will figure this out for your brother. Take care of your mother and your family now. They need you. I’ll take care of Emerson.”

And he did. My family and I will forever be grateful. And I am certain that I was only one of hundreds if not thousands of people who have a story like this to tell about how Larry Rasky changed their lives for the better – and never expected anything in return. I never got the chance to repay him for his kind favor, but know that I will do my best to be there for every person like me who needs a helping hand or a patient ear – the way Larry was there for me and my family.

Larry certainly made his mark in politics, in Massachusetts, and in our country, and we are all incredibly grateful. But I think those of us whose lives he touched and changed for the better by being a compassionate friend and generous mentor will never forget and will forever be inspired by the example he set for all of us. Thank you, Larry. -roger