George Cronin

I’ve had the pleasure and privilege of working along side Larry for 23 years. He’s been a colleague, mentor and trusted friend. The memories are countless but one in particular has stood the test of time.

It was 1999. We were a relatively new firm always searching for new opportunities. Larry had gotten word that the New York Racing Authority was interviewing for a new lobbying firm. This was an Albany assignment and given the territorial nature of that state capital, a Boston based firm would have little chance to win the account.

But Larry’s boundless enthusiasm convinced us it was worth a shot. AND….the interviews were taking place at Saratoga Race Track in August. So early one morning, off we went, Larry and I to make the pitch. As we left the interview, the track was starting to come alive in preparation for a day of racing. Larry was in all his glory. A day at the track with Larry was always a fun filled adventure.

On our way back that evening Larry called home to check in with Carolyn and to talk with Will before bedtime. After he hung up Larry turned to me and said “ someday when u have children I hope they bring u as much joy as Will brings me.” It stuck with me through the years. And while we didn’t get the account that day I got a cherished memory. While his accomplishments are many, Larry’s love of family is his greatest legacy.