Melanie (Hebert) Kennedy

My thoughts and prayers go out to Will and Carolyn as well as the entire Rasky Partners firm. I was a fresh faced 22 year old right out of college when Larry hired me to join his prestigious firm. And though my 4 year dabble in the PR industry was just a small bubble amongst his large ripples, his impact is very memorable to my life story. Larry’s success can be attributed to his incredible work ethic and strive for perfection. He set the bar unattainably high but he was so lovable that you’d do anything to reach his expectations. Because of Larry’s lasting impact, we all carry his zeal for life. I sometimes find myself day dreaming in my classroom of the good old RBSC days and the sound of the beverage carts wheels coming down the hall on a Friday. Larry’s life was an eclectic beautiful piece of art and I am forever grateful for his habitual generosity. Forever in my heart, Melanie