Hal Tovin

I met Larry Rasky almost 30 years ago. I was a young Marketing Director at Shawmut Bank. I was given the assignment to win the naming rights deal for the building that was going to replace the iconic Boston Garden. The task was going to be difficult because it was practically a foregone conclusion that the winner would be Bank of Boston, the venerable institution with a dominant position in the market. It was recommended to me that I needed to hire someone who knew the Boston market, but more importantly knew how to get things done in the highly political environment in Boston. Of course, that was Larry.

When I met Larry I wasn’t so sure how this guy was going to help me. He was quiet, not in any way what one expect for a public relations, high impact guy. I soon learned why he was recommended to me. He proceeded to provide thoughtful strategic advice that led us to victory and the ultimate prize – the naming rights deal for the new Shawmut Center. Larry just knew how to get things done. He knew how to influence people and in his quiet, sometimes hard to even hear manner, he endeared himself to all who worked with him.

I hired Larry for the first time that year. I have since hired him and his firm three times and each time benefited from the knowledge, skills, connections and interpersonal skills that made Larry special. Because with Larry it was more than professional. We became fast friends 30 years ago. It quickly and easily became personal.

We joined the same temple. Our families celebrated the Jewish holidays together – he loved our “break fast” at Yom Kippur. We celebrated BatMitzvahs, Bar Mitzvahs and weddings together. We went to sporting events together, concerts together – I will never forget Larry at the Jimmy Buffet concert at Fenway Park with a Cheeseburger hat on his head – and we played golf together at Blue Hills. Larry and Carolyn, Will and now, Becca, are part of lives. For which Lisa and I will always be grateful.

We will miss him but never forget him. Larry was truly a “mensch”. Rest In Peace my friend.