Roy Chernus

I met Larry Rasky years before I met and fell in love with his sister, my wife of 41 years, Renee. It was the fall of 1973 in Washington, DC. I was a sophomore (and sophomoric, to be sure) at George Washington University. Larry and I were interested in two roommates in Thurston Hall. We also had a friend in common, Michael Herbst, who owned Grateful Dead’s Europe ’72 which we played loudly on my stereo to our mutual enjoyment.

Years later when Renee and I were in law school, I saw Larry at a party in Renee’s apartment in NYC. Finding out that the woman I wanted to date was Larry’s sister was a big surprise. Anyway, Larry was a groomsman at our wedding and gave, as I’m sure you’d expect, a warm and witty toast.

It was very big deal when he introduced us to Carolyn and we all bonded immediately. Their wedding at the Parker House was intimate and wonderful. It was Renee and my first connection with the Eckel family whom we adore.

Over the years, with our sons, Eric and David, and Larry and Carolyn’s son, Will, we’ve shared bar mitzvahs, weddings, vacations and more. Larry came to my Dad’s funeral in NJ. I even had the honor and pleasure of officiating at Will and Becca’s wedding with our grandchildren, Elliott, Elliana and Frankie, as part of the wedding party. I last saw and hugged Larry the morning after the wedding. I remember us discussing how blessed we both felt.

Oh Larry, we will miss you terribly. RIP