Nick Clemons

When you looked at the Rasky Partners website it was impossible to ignore the important companies, organizations and institutions represented by the firm. Larry was a big player in the fabric of the Commonwealth, New England, and the country, yet, whenever I talked to him I felt that I had his full and complete attention. His investment and interest was genuine and it showed.

I first met Larry when I was running New Hampshire for John Kerry in the 2004 general election. It was my first big campaign management job and there were so many moving parts that it could be overwhelming. Larry came up to NH and introduced himself and told me he was there to volunteer and to help anyway he could. I’m pretty sure he would have done some phone banking shifts if I had asked him. But I had a heads up on who he was, so I asked him if he would sit down with me and do an audit of the organization, to see where we were strong and where we needed help. He sat with me and my team for the better part of a day, quietly offering his feedback and advice. One of things he noticed was how spread thin we all were, many of us taking on too much. Over the course of the next few days people started showing up saying “Larry Rasky sent me, said you could use some help with (fill in blank).”

From that moment I met Larry in NH he always went out of his way to check in with me, see how I was doing and make himself available when I needed counsel. I can’t remember a time when he didn’t take my call, or failed to call me back, or a time when he let me pay for lunch. I learned a lot from Larry, and I know that what he did for me he did for so many others. But I always felt that when I was talking with him I was his sole focus. He was genuinely interested. I appreciate that generosity, and its a lesson I will take from him and pay forward in his memory.