Michael Morris

Larry was my friend, my boss, my mentor and my friend. We bonded so quickly over music, martinis and many laughs. I learned so much from Larry professionally. But more importantly, I learned about how to be a kind and thoughtful person above all.

When I truly needed help, Larry never failed to reach out his hand. And, he often offered more than I really needed. He just wanted me to know he’d make things okay and I was in his tribe. Those times are so vivid in my mind now – as they were then when I left those meetings in far better spirits than when I arrived.

I often ended our sessions or calls telling him “love you bud” and he’d reply the same. He wore his heart on his sleeve for his people and I’m so grateful to him – and to Will and Carolyn for sharing him with all of us.

My promise to Larry is to help those behind me who need a break, an ear or a hand. I’ll do my best to pass that ripple on in his spirit – and to have fun doing it.

Love you bud.