Jamie Grillo

My name is Jamie Grillo and I was an intern with Rasky Partners in the summer of 2017. During my summer with Rasky Partners I vividly remember one story that Larry had told the interns: a story about a Senator Biden of Delaware. Taking place in the Oval Office during the tenure of President George W. Bush, this story was centered around a meeting involving the senior Senator of Delaware and the President as they ‘discussed’ a bill regarding the cost of hearing aids. During this ‘discussion,’ the senator was told that he was lesser than the President of the United States and had to vote for the bill because he was being told to; however, instead of backing down, this senator persevered and actually grabbed President Bush by the lapel and asserted “I am a senator; you are the president; we are equals.” This story has stuck with me throughout the years as a clear reminder that the balance of power in our government can be, will be, and has been threatened by electing an egotistical, unchallenged individual to the presidency. Additionally, I used to include this story at the end of my speeches when I spoke to Democratic Town Committees on behalf of the Biden campaign. To me this story gave my pitch a more personal touch and I felt it delivered a sentiment about the former Vice President that could only have been acquired through an anecdote. Over the course of Larry’s meeting with the interns he delved into his own past starting with him leaving George Washington University after he broke into a building during a student protest on Vietnam and going onto how he went from being a security guard to the Deputy Press Secretary of Jimmy Carter’s re-election campaign. Larry’s dedication to public service be it through Jimmy Carter, Joe Biden, Emerson College, or the Anti-Defamation League will live on and continue to touch others.