Frank Gelman

A fraternity brother of mine was getting married and his wife to be had a two bedroom apartment becoming available in the Back Bay. He said to me that I should meet his best man and that we would hit it off and might want to room together. I ended up taking the apartment with his best man and for the last 45 years I had my best friend, Godfather to my daughter, the father of my Godson, my Brother. Larry Rasky and I were going to play bad golf, drink bourbon & wine, eat good food, listen to the Dead & NRPS till we got good and very old. I miss him more than words can ever express. I Love Larry and Larry Loved me, we kissed each other on the cheek and embraced every time we saw each other and every time before we departed. All those who Larry had affection for always had affection for him. My Love for Carolyn, Will and now Becca (Rebecca) will always be evident, but I will always have Larry inside my heart.