Carolyn and Will Rasky

Our love for Larry knows no bounds — being his wife and son, in our house, there was no such thing as a boundary on giving love. You all know that about him. There’s a song written by a little band called the Grateful Dead (you may have heard Larry talk about them once or twice), called “Ripple” that holds so much significance in our family.

The lyric that strikes us now is “Ripple in still water, when there is no pebble tossed, nor wind to blow.” Think about that.

In the days after Larry’s passing, the outpouring of support has been enormous. Many of our friends and family have themselves received so many messages, just from people who knew they knew him. The word “legend” has been used in abundance.

Beyond just offering their support, and sharing how much Larry meant to them, scores and scores of people have mentioned a version of the same point: “Larry helped me when I needed it, he was there for me, he had my back.”

Larry’s ripple effect was among the widest of any person that any of us have ever known. This came down to a simple reality: Larry treated everybody in his life with the same warmth, respect, intensity, chiding, gratitude, and love.

Please share your stories of how he was there for you or others in your life. They will warm all our hearts and serve as our communal guide.

And, with that, his life well lived will never be forgotten.

Carolyn and Will